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Grasp 7 key levers of digital transformation

Becoming More Digital


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Very good, original and comprehensive training that gives a good overview, both theoretical and practical, of how to carry out digital transformation, through the design and execution of a digital roadmap, fed with examples and lessons from the last 10 years.
Project manager
The Becoming More Digital training course provides a real leap in understanding the challenges of digital transformation, at a strategic level. It provides a clear and precise reading grid on this extremely broad and often overused subject. The videos and quizzes are educational and allow you to understand the complexity of the subjects covered, including technical subjects.
Luxury house
The co-development workshops associated with the online courses make it possible to concretise thoughts on the basis of a common language, the cornerstone of a process as important and structuring as the digital transformation of a large structure like ours.
[tested & approved] ✅ The Becoming More Digital training is a gem 👌 Intended for executives, managers, directors of digital transformation and/or innovation, it allows to: > to better understand the key levers of transformation > to initiate and manage transformation projects 100% online, short it also allows you to learn to ask yourself the right questions to build your digital strategy & challenge the digital experts around us! The +s: ✅ freedom of action: 100% online, you plug into the training whenever you want ✅ high quality of speakers ✅ repeated & engaging practical cases

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Nicolas Petit
Executives are on the front line of their organizations’ digital transformation with no real preparation and little idea of the questions that can ensure success.